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ADHD: a change each day

Attention deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. what do we know about ADHD is a list of signs and a list of symptoms. A Disorder of Attention, meaning we are not able to pay attention, we struggle to focus, or to focus for too long, or to focus at all. What we focus on is on extremely interesting activities, such as the smart phone or videogames. What ADHD people struggle on is less interesting activities. Impulse is another form of struggle. We struggle to reflect before acting. We struggle to determine, we struggle to say on a topic, struggle to moderate the number of tasks we take on.

It is not only people with ADHD symptoms or a clear diagnosis. Sound more familiar than initially thought. It is everywhere, especially in the Western society. We are on the go, we are on our phones, clicking our lives away, forgetting to focus on what is in front of us, to focus on what is elsewhere, nowhere, on the internet, on the Cloud.

We could start today, with something different. What we could all do differently is taking action. If you have been diagnosed, begin your journey of therapy and/or medication. If you have not, however feel the pull of more and more tasks, begin with a small change in your daily routine.

Ideas: pay attention to the here and now for a moment. look outside the window and count what you can see right now:

I can see trees, the skies, rooftops, windows and clouds.

more ideas to follow.....

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