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Back to School: parents and pick up/drop off

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

#backtoschool #primaryschool

It is that time of the year, when, as parents, we return to our routine. the children go back to school.

There are so many challenges to children and parents, when it comes to primary school. Today, I will focus on the challenges of being a parent to child in primary school, even more specifically, being an expat parent in a new Country, when you child faces the challenges of primary school.

We expat parents have many new tasks to negotiate. primarily, in my case, the specific of the Country: England. Secondarily, the anxiety and frustration that we can all feel, when negotiating a new task, that involves our children's wellbeing. How to socialise with other parents, how to find your own new dimension as parent with other parents, with potential new friends that we did not choose, but where assigned randomly to our field of action. At times we could feel judged, at times we could feel isolated. At times, our own insecurities are shown, our own fears are reflected in the way we look at our phones, how I fiddle with my hair or my clothing. The caused of insecurities could be multiple: how we are perceived, how are we going to interact, what kind of people are we going to be for others's eyes, how are we going to socialise. So many questions, for a few minutes each day, or each week.

It seems to strike cord, especially for expat, as a mean to connect more with local communities, away from the workplace or other areas of interest. I found difficult to reinterpret myself as someone's mother, outside the school ground. What impression do I want others to have of me, what impression do I make of others. Perceptions can deceive. Children get to chose new friends and we need to find a way to get along with the new status quo. At times, it may be easier to simply remain in our own little cocoon, which is a temptation for me. Do not get known, do not compare, and most importantly do not despair. Everyone has their own struggles, everyone has their doubts, everyone has their own fears. We are all the same, in the common ground of the school ground.

Look for your own tribe is my suggestion, both to myself and to my child. There are people in the school ground that will appreciate you for you, that will bring you joy and happiness, that will make those few minutes per week, something to look forward to. Look for your tribe. Do not let doubts close you in, do not miss out on this opportunity that parenthood has granted you. Do not be afraid to shine. Do not be afraid to be your own person. Show your child that acceptance is possible, that differences matters, because it gave you the opportunity to attract your kind.

Accept who you are, come to love who you are.

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