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Sabrina's little virtual bookshop

I am not really opening a book shop, for now. I am, however, an avid reader, not only of therapy or psychology books. I read novels. I read what catches my interest.

Opening a little bookshop has always been my dream, my secret little infinite "why". At present is not possible. It is not going to be possible for a little while longer.

My idea is to open a virtual bookshop, where I recommend books. I review books I read. I could review books on request. Clients will then buy their books from their own favourite local bookshops, second hand and charity shops, little sellers from markets. Hopefully helping local economies.

My virtual bookshop is a place to relax, to read with a cup of tea (that you make yourself), evaluate the material and comment on the reviews. If your curiosity has been touched by the comments then you may consider buying the books.

What I love the most of my favourite little bookshop is the physical sensations that I receive when I enter the physical space. this will not be reproduced literally. However, we could try with a guided mindfulness bookshop meditation:

Close your eyes, Imagine you are entering your favourite little local bookshop. Imagine your feet touching the floor, the light of the shop on your skin, the smell of new books. Imagine the greetings of the shop owner. Imagine walking among the rows of bookshelves loaded with books, imagine the colours you can see, the images on the front pages, the sound of your footsteps. Imagine picking up a book, feel he weight on your hand, the sound of the pages being turned, imagine the smell from the pages, whether it is a new or used book. Imagine other people there with you, browsing the bookshop.

When you are ready open your eyes.

Welcome to Sabrina's little virtual bookshop

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