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Sabrina's little virtual Bookshop: "We are ok"

Welcome to my your first visit to my little virtual bookshop. Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, find a comfortable position or chair to sit on and enjoy your visit.

This is my fist book, placed on the virtual bookshop window.

"We are Okay" by Nina LaCour

I chose this as my first book. The reason is it touches a deeply profound topic, layers of topics, that are profoundly common, profoundly human.

Spoiler point, if you wish to read the book first, turn around from here.

The human need of belonging. this is what has touched me the most from the book. Marin is all alone in New York, in the storm, Christmas time looming. There is so much need, so much grief, so much loneliness. She has survived great losses. She has decided to self-inflict another great loss for fear, maybe.

What has happened to her has changed her profoundly. It has made Marin believed that she cannot trust. Losing her mother has been hard, she was however very small, the memory is something between constructed and remembered. The character of her beloved grandfather is, however, sweet, relatable, a figure of self-sacrificing. Grandfather renounces to his life to look after Marin. They however, have peculiar rules. Marin was not to enter his bedroom, there were no stories of her mother, no pictures or mementos.

It must have been difficult for Marin, even with all the townspeople. reminding her of her mother when she e meets them on the beach, surfing. The beach, the powerful waves, the sun, the surfers. Against, in contrast, with the cold, snowy winter in New Your. Christmas and loss. Her best friend visiting reopens memories, unhealed wounds. The very best friend she has rejected when she learned the hard truth about her beloved grandfather, who was secretly corresponding with a secret, far away girlfriend.

Or was it?

This is the book to humanity, to what we all face, to what we all are. Be afraid not of humanity. Be afraid not of your feelings and your suffering. Be afraid not of following your fears, talking to your fears.

This is the end of our first visit to my virtual bookshop. Leave with your virtual experience of a new book, a new adventure, of having lived a different life, having learned from a different experience, just for e little while. Do not forget your parcel.

As for any actual, real bookshop, you may want to pop your head around, to give. feedback to the owner, about the book they suggested and your read. We could agree that you may wish to do the same on a virtual bookshop: leave a comment if you have read this book, your thoughts and your feelings on it.

Enjoy your Sunday visit, enjoy your hot coffee, cold November wind and the visit to the local farmer market for lunch.

Come back soon for your next visit.

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