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Virtual bookshop "The Most fun we have ever had"


The Most Fun We Ever Had By Claire Lombardo

Welcome back to my little, virtual bookshop.

Please take a moment to breath deeply. Feel the smell of freshly printed books in your nostrils, your feel touching the floor, look at. the gentle lighting and how it touches every surface.

Today you are asking for a recommendation on a very special book that would make you appreciate families. absolutely! I have the book for you. this is a special story, a story about an ordinary family. What has interested me the most about this book and this family is the different levels of complexities. How two people create other people, that create the people, and now they need to deal with each other. that is the family. if you choose to continue engaging with them, you will learn something about them, but never the whole story. So this is the story of the whole story. All the reflections, memories, motives, that people do not know about each other. What we chose to believe about members of our families and how we chose to interpret their words and actions according to our own measure of interpretation. in this particular book, you will learn what is behind the scene. The unsaid, the un-understandable. this book will show you how family life is: tears, laughter and sacrifice. I loved incredibly so for the title, especially after finishing the story. How so many choices has caused suffering and happiness. Do we ever only reach suffering? or do we achieve happiness? Are we ever only one thing?

Please feel free to pick up the book and feel it in your hands. And give it a chance... The Most Fun we have ever had.

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